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Signal Mountain

Local for 93


Known Local Provider

Since 1887, Tennessee American Water has provided water to Chattanooga, and 93 of these years we have served the residents of Signal Mountain. Over the years, we have grown to serve 390,000 customers in our region, including 3,800 customers on Signal Mountain.

We have over 100 employees who reside in the Chattanooga area, and, as we grow, we continue to add jobs to the community. Our employees bring more than 1,000 years of water professional experience and expertise. Our employees live, work, and contribute to the local communities that we serve. 

We own, operate, and maintain 36 storage tanks, 80,000 service connections, 5,200 fire hydrants and 1,400 miles of pipeline. As a local business, we also pay local property taxes, which strengthen our communities.

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Superior Water Quality

  • In the 130 years we’ve served our communities, state or federal officials have NEVER issued us a water quality violation, otherwise referred to as a notice of violation (NOV).


  • The Tennessee River is the source of our water, and it is filtered thoroughly as part of the treatment process.  You can learn more about your water through detailed Consumer Confidence Reports.
  • We earned the EPA Director’s Award for Water Treatment for the past 18 years. Click here to learn more.  


  • We have an environmental grant program for ongoing programs which support watershed protection.


  • We partner with law enforcement, pharmacies and drug prevention organizations for drug take back.   

Community Investor

Community Service

Tennessee American Water employees play an active role in the communities we serve. Our employees are passionate about giving back to the areas where they serve and live, helping our communities to be more vibrant places to live, work, and play. Through community giving, in-kind donations, partnerships, and employee volunteerism, our local involvement extends to over 40 organizations. In the communities we serve, we invest in some of the following ways:

  • Founding the area’s Elementary Science Olympiad with Chattanooga State and the Hamilton County Department of Education after identifying a need for science exposure for younger students, as well as providing mentoring programs with local schools to promote STEM careers.
  • Providing an environmental grant to encourage organizations to apply for funding for innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore, or protect the watersheds, surface water and/or groundwater supplies in our local communities.  
  • Serving as the exclusive sponsor of the Tennessee Aquarium’s educational outreach program.
  • Inviting schools and other organizations to visit our water plant in Chattanooga, as well as hosting our annual Water Fest event, providing the community an opportunity to learn how water is connected to almost everything we do.
  • Supporting career development by creating internships for local high school and college students.

Tennessee American Water is committed to programs that address community-specific needs, and, in 2017, our employees volunteered over 1,400 hours in our communities with organizations such as Boys and Girls Club, Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, AIM Center, Lookout Mountain Conservancy, among many others. We also partner with La Paz Chattanooga, Urban League of Greater Chattanooga, Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, United Way, and various other local and professional organizations to be engaged members of our communities.


Invested in Infrastructure

Tennessee American Water employees are passionate about their work and bring decades of experience to our local water operations. 

  • $100 million invested in water system over past five years
  • We assure reliable, quality water is always there when you need it
  • Replacing pipes, hydrants, meters, and structures whenever needed
  • Established track record of successfully managing large capital investment projects in order to continually provide reliable service to the communities we serve

As utility infrastructure ages beyond its service life, Tennessee American Water’s industry expertise and ability to obtain and manage capital dollars allows us to be both a partner and a solution in creating a sustainable infrastructure replacement program.

Watch this video clip from the March 22 public meeting to learn what Tennessee American Water is proposing to the residents of Signal Mountain

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Customer Service

Local employees provide local solutions. Tennessee American Water’s years of experience and knowledge of a community’s infrastructure are strengths, whether they are customers in a small community like Whitwell or a larger one like Chattanooga. Local employees handle customer service activities including meter reading, water main breaks and water service activations and disconnections. Our customers never need to think about water because we are always thinking about it on their behalf.

With a 24-hour national call center, customers can contact us regarding emergencies any time of day or night and any day of the year. Our local response teams respond to emergencies and dispatch service requests sent directly to employee trucks for highly efficient customer service.